Leased Line

What is Leased Line?

Cheapest UK Telecoms offer Leased Line or Dedicated Internet connection circuit. A leased line delivers symmetric bandwidth connecting two or more locations in exchange. Leased line is also called as Private circuit, Dedicated Internet line or Dedicated Internet Access circuit.

Unlike a Broadband connection, Leased line comes with Service level agreement and guarantee. It comes backed with Pro-active management by Service provider and fully managed router. Leased line is Uncontended. It can be delivered via Ethernet, Radio link or even on copper cable.

  • Speeds from 1mb up to 10Gb+
  • Extraordinarily secure Layer2 and advanced MEF compliant as standard 
  • Full UK Coverage
  • Strongest SLA in the industry. 99.99% uptime
  • Guaranteed fix as standard
  • Guaranteed low latency and low jitter
  • Fastest internet in the UK to any global route
  • 24/7 active monitoring and managed service
  • Fully Managed router

We can also supply EFM Circuits, Point to Point to Circuits, IP WAN, MPLS and IPLC circuits as well.


1.Why go Superfast?

Upgrading your broadband brings real business benefits. A better Internet connection can help you to boost your bottom line by:

  • Increasing your profits by offering better services to more satisfied customers
  • Improving your customer's experience with quicker, communication and faster file-sharing thanks to higher upload and download speeds, especially for large files
  • Reducing software and hardware costs by helping you switch to online data storage solutions
  • Enhancing the way you communicate and collaborate through online video conference and cloud-based information sharing
  • Future-proofing your business with the latest technology to meet your customers' needs

Business benefits

Hundreds of UK businesses are already benefitting from the vouchers scheme, Why not apply one for yourself or trading address of your business. You cannot apply if you are employed and work from home.

2. Who is Eligible?

  • You must be a Small or Medium Sized Enterprise (SME) as defined by the European Commission. Registered charities, social enterprises and sole traders that meet the SME criteria below are welcome to apply.
  • You are a sole trader between 1 and 249 persons AND or employ
  • You have an annual turnover not exceeding Euro 50 million AND/OR
  • You have not received more than Euro 200,000 in grants in the last 3 years
  • You are willing to sign up to a minimum 6 month contract with your broadband supplier
  • Each business can only apply for one voucher
  • You have an annual balance sheet total not exceeding Euro 43 million.
  • Your business must be located within the Local Authority Area of one of the Superconnected Cities.

Check your company postcode Here. Please note the address must be the registered office or trading address of your business. You cannot apply if you are employed and work from home.

Note - Please be advised that Connection Vouchers scheme has been suspended by BDUK until further notice but we are happy to provide you best quotes for your Leased line requirements.

3. How Long will the Scheme Operate?

The government has announced Euro 40m to extend the scheme until March 2016, but hurry, the funding is first come first served!

4. How much Grant is Available?

There will be up to a maximum of Euro 3,000 (excl VAT) support available per individual applicant. The grant covers the initial installation cost of the connections. The minimum grant amount available is Euro 100. Please note that you will have to pay the on-going costs and the VAT of the installation.

Now you can also claim upto £400 to upgrade to Fibre Broadband which is nice for small Businesses or Home Businesses who want high speeds and can't afford Leased line. Call our sales team to discuss!

5. What can connection voucher be used for?

Cheapest UK Telecoms deliver either wired or wireless leased line solutions and Ethernet Solutions. The key point to be eligible is that the new connection must deliver a step change in your connectivity. Your business grade connection must have both of the following characteristics: offer a minimum of 20Mbps service to your premises now and be capable of being upgraded in the future to support at least 30Mbps service to your premises deliver at least a doubling of speeds when compared to your current business grade connection. For example you must be able to go from 20Mbps to 40Mbps, 30Mbps to 60Mbps or 40Mbps to 80Mbps.


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