Cloud Backup
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Managed Onsite/Offsite Backup for your Servers, Desktops and Laptops

C.U.T. provides industry-leading cloud services for Onsite and Offsite data backup to safeguard your valuable data in any situation. And also gives guarantee to recover your valuable data in case of disaster or other calamities.

Data is the lifeblood of your company. According to a recent study, 43% of companies experiencing data disasters never re-open, and a further 29% close within 2 years. Even a temporary period of downtime while data is restored and systems re-constructed can be highly costly. So, a proper data backup service is required to secure the data from being lost.

With a dual-strategy offsite and optional onsite backup, our secure, managed, online backup services will enable you to get up and running after any data loss from a minor corruption to a complete site-wide disaster with the minimum of delay and disruption.

Service Highlights

  • Intuitive and user friendly interface works from within your browser
  • Backup all your systems wherever they are
  • Military-grade AES256 compression to maintain data security
  • Powerful compression and de-duplication to minimise bandwidth requirements
  • Offsite backup as standard with optional onsite backup for caching and quick local restoration of data where possible

Flexible and Feature-Packed Backup and Restore

  • Support for Windows Desktops & Servers, Linux, MacOS 10.x and FreeBSD
  • Support for Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL and MySQL applications
  • Support for NAS devices via network sharing
  • Quick restore allows end users to easily restore their data at the file level from any previously backed up version

Smart and Secure

  • Incremental backups capture only changed files and not the entire file every time saving bandwidth and making backup faster
  • Mobile users' data can be backed up immediately as they connect to the LAN or directly over the Internet from any location
  • Powerful Encryption using the military-grade Blowfish 448-bit algorithm ensures only users with the encryption key can access any data

Easy Local & Remote Management

C.U.T. Secure Cloud Backup uses a flexible web control panel that is configurable locally on a host system or remotely via the web. The interface is user friendly and there is no difficulty in performing any operation like storing and retrieving data from our cloud backups. Backups can be configured folder by folder and file by file, using the familiar file explorer GUI. You can also specify retention and backup frequency on a per machine basis. To get lost or damaged files back, you can use the same interface to quickly restore your files at any time, either from a caching server or from our offsite data store. Our cloud backups are error free and eliminate the possibilities of data off-track from any kind of disaster. Even in case of system failure, the data backup is still safe in our cloud backups. Our cloud services are reliable and authenticated but also save your time and money and provides you the opportunities to think more about your business activities.

Flexible Deployment to Suit Your Organisation

The modular nature of C.U.T. Secure Cloud Backup allows you to tailor the data backup services to suit your organization's requirements. We offer offsite backup to our secure servers as standard with optional onsite caching for faster data restore when you still have access to surviving office systems. The cloud services can also customize according to the needs of the organizations. The onsite caching server can run on an existing Windows PC or server of your own (subject to minimum system requirements) or C.U.T. can provide a dedicated managed appliance for this purpose and provides the best solution for data storage and recovery for our valuable clients.

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