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Business computing in the cloud with C.U.T.

In today's dynamic environment, businesses need to be able to respond quickly to changing demands. Using virtualised computing brings the kind of flexibility that can answer these challenges, however building a private computing cloud with the scalability, reliability and security that is required can be expensive, time consuming and technically demanding. Cloud Computing addresses these issues head on by delivering the flexible computing platform that businesses need in an on-demand self-service infrastructure built to eliminate risk and enable highly dynamic scaling up or down as client's requirements change.

Cloud Computing addresses these issues head on by delivering the flexible computing platform that businesses need in an on-demand self-service infrastructure built to eliminate risk and enable highly dynamic scaling up or down as client's requirements change.

  • Self-Service
  • Scalable
  • Secure
  • Control of Virtual Hardware
  • Internet Firewall and VPN
  • Rapid Provisioning
  • Low Admin Overhead
  • Private Network

More than VPS - Your own private data centre with C.U.T Cloud computing

Cloud services changes the way that all business should approach cloud computing. Traditional "Virtual Private Server" services relied on a "one size fits all" model of standard builds and public facing systems. While these were suitable for a narrow range of Internet-facing applications they were not suitable for the majority of business demands as they could not offer the secure environment and control that businesses need to put key business systems in the cloud. And hosted physical servers cannot offer the affordability, flexibility and fault tolerance that these applications require. With Cloud Computing, C.U.T. provides you with more than just virtual machines (VMs) - you get your own virtual private datacentre complete with your own firewall security, fault tolerant computing, storage clusters and network architecture, all under your control.

Today & Tomorrow with C.U.T.

Using C.U.T. Cloud Computing, you can get to work immediately with new VMs provisioned in minutes, leveraging our Service Provider class infrastructure from day one. Not only this, you can then rapidly scale your Cloud Computing environment without concerns about sufficient computing or storage resources. Cloud Computing even supports multiple interconnected networks of VMs under your control so we can support multiple or related organisational units within your business, all within your single virtual datacentre.

MyCloud Computing Benefits

Scalable, High performance, fault tolerant platform
The C.U.T. Cloud Computing platform provides the scale and fault-tolerant design required to guarantee uptime and consistent performance.

Low Admin Overhead
Everything you need to do from provisioning new virtual machines, to configuring network and firewall settings is managed from an easy-to-use web interface. You don't need to be familiar with virtual computing systems to manage your Cloud Computing services.

Rapid deployment
From receiving your login credentials you can be using your first virtual machine in minutes. Using our library of template VMs, your own installation media or even your own VM files, deploying new machines using Cloud Computing is fast and simple.

Secure private networking
Every organisation within Cloud Computing is assigned its own completely private network, separated from the Internet by a secure firewall virtual appliance. You can allow as much or as little access as you need from the Internet and your own office networks

Console access and virtual hardware management
You can manage every VM on your Cloud Computing platform via a virtual console embedded in the web interface. This means that you do not need to provide any inbound Internet access to the VM to manage the VM. You also get control of virtual hardware controls such as power, network connections and virtual removable media - all vital tools in managing a server.

C.U.T. Cloud Computing Features

On-Demand Provisioning
Deploy a new machine in minutes from the simple wizard. Upgrade or downgrade specification such as memory, CPU and disk space at any time with the click of a mouse.

High Performance Computing and Storage
The Cloud computing platform utilises the latest Intel Xeon E5-2600 family of processors and fast RAID60 storage to provide consistently high performance, even under heavy load.

IPSec VPN Firewall
To make integration with office resources a snap, you can easily configure IPSec VPN tunnels from the firewall virtual appliance to one or more remote locations. You can therefore provide direct secure access between your Cloud Computing systems and your main company directory infrastructure, or any other key services.

Inbound Server Load Balancing
For hosting applications, the virtual firewall appliance also provides server load-balancing to further simplify design.

Simple monthly billing with no contracts
All Cloud Computing services are billed on a simple monthly pay-as-you go model. You are just billed for what you use and you can remove VMs at any time without paying any cancellation charges or notice periods.

Providing powerful, flexible and affordable computing for the cloud era

With Cloud Computing, C.U.T. provides businesses of all sizes a new opportunity to dramatically improve their ability to respond to new IT demands while driving down capex and opex costs. You can leave the delivery of a fast reliable computing infrastructure to us while you get on with managing your applications and driving forward business success.

By making virtual computing available on demand to any organisation, C.U.T. allows your business to take advantage of the benefits of virtual computing without the substantial investment in hardware, software and management resources to build and maintain your own infrastructure.


Putting you in control, backed by 24X7 Support and Assistance

C.U.T. was founded on the principles of mutual trust and excellence in customer service. We support our customers at every turn, from signing up with us to on-going service.

With C.U.T. Cloud Computing, we provide a highly fault tolerant, flexible and scalable computing platform and put you in control of your virtual machines with an advanced web control panel for provisioning and control of your systems, including control of the virtual hardware (power, network and removable media).

If you need to resolve a technical issue with the platform or if you wish to take advantage of expert configuration assistance you can contact 24/7 helpdesk for telephone and email support. You can also use online support portal to raise and track your issue.

C.U.T. customers also benefit from having a dedicated account management and regular service reviews.

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