Avaya Maintenance and Support
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Avaya Phone System Maintenance & Support Services Overview

Free Avaya Phone System Changes and Alterations via Remote Access

Maintenance is a basic part of everything. It is a part of life, as a matter of fact. The cells present in your body repair everyday, and so do every one of your organs. If they don't "mantain" themselves, they'll wither away and die.

Same is the case with mantainenace of business materials. Including technological instruments. Hosted Phone systems, and VOIP phone systems though are reliable, espcially if bought by us. They can be the subject of unintentional or emergency break-down. And in case that happens, it can be quite expensive. Therefore the best thing you can do is instead of just buying Hosted phone systems, or VOIP phone systems, and then doing nothing. You should buy a maintenance plan for your Hosted and VOIP phone systems. And therefore incase something incidental or emergency happens, you won't have to worry. Cheapest UK Telecoms will be there to fix the VOIP and Hosten Telephone systems as soon as possible.

You will no doubt change your IP Office phone system, hosted phone system, and VOIP phone system's settings from time to time, from simple re-naming of telephone extensions to a major office re-organisation or expansion. If you need to make occasional changes, we are happy to do them for you FREE OF CHARGE using our remote access facilities. We'll connect to your system from our support department and make the changes remotely. And do anything that is required with the back-end change or modification of the telephone or VOIP phone systems. Faulty equipment is replaced with new If your phone system, Hosted or VOIP phone system, suffers equipment failure, we replace it with new from our maintenance stock, at no cost. Replacement Avaya phone system equipment and associated labour are free when you have a maintenance contract with us. Phone system equipment can be costly (ISDN cards can be over GBP 700.00 to replace), and a maintenance contract acts as low-cost insurance for your phone system.

Software Upgrades

Avaya release new software levels for IP Office and IP500 phone systems regularly. We can keep your VOIP and hosten phone system updated with the latest software and technology if requested, and that will keep you safe from all security glitches, and on the same hand give you an upper hand on all other businesses as you'll be running a faster and more reliable framework.

Over-the-Phone Support

We are happy to provide over-the-phone support for customers with technical queries, or who have thier own in-house system programming software, perhaps needing a little guidance as they make thier own changes, related to all VOIP and Hosted Telephone services provided by us.

Additional Equipment

We provide preferential rates and levels of service to maintenance customers who wish to purchase additional Avaya phone system equipment as thier business grows.

Resolving Disputes - Testing

We carry testing equipment for 3rd party items such as ISDN line equipment. We give you a clear and categorical fault analysis in cases of disputes with other providers.


Why C.U.T. Avaya Maintenance?

Maintenance is the proven cost-effective option for a continued trouble-free Avaya phone system in the long term. If you do "opt out", we can support you on a time-and-materials basis for things related to the Hosted and VOIP services.

Best advice, always

As part of our maintenance service, technical advice on Avaya phone systems and telecoms will always be free and available to you over the telephone, from our in-house Technical Support Team or from your Account Manager. We can assist with all aspects of your communications and are happy to do so at all times.

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