IP500 Installation
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Phone System Installation and User Training

While buying Avaya Phone hosted system or VOIP telephone system is not that difficult the real difficult part is actually installing the Phone system. There are a lot of companies in the UK which sell Avaya hosted and VOIP phone services, but installing and user training is the part which they don't do. Even if they do, there is a high chance that the quality of the installation and the user training is very low, and the Hosted Phone System or VOIP phone system won't last that long.

All of our Avaya Hosted and VOIP telephone system engineers have completed and passed the full Avaya IP500 phone system training and accreditation courses provided by Avaya and hold the necessary certification to install, configure and maintain Avaya IP500 and IP Office business telephone systems. In plain words, they know what they are talking about, and can handle the installation of Avaya Hosted and VOIP telephone systems quite easily.

Step 1- Planning Meeting

We begin the installation process by holding a detailed meeting with you to discuss and confirm the requirements of the new IP500 business telephone system. Your Avaya IP500 telephone system configuration is agreed upon, and dates/timings are set for the staff training and system swap-over. This is when you have to decide the exact date and timings for the installation of the Hosted or VOIP telephone system, and therefore make the necessary arrangements to have everyone aware of the installation to be done, and so that we can also arrange the installation managers and engineers.

Step 2 - Avaya Installation

Your new Avaya IP500 business telephone system is installed and tested. Avaya IP500 phone systems can be wall or rack-mounted, the location of which would have been discussed during the consultation process.

Step 3 - Avaya Training

A number of temporary telephones will be installed in a meeting room or temporary training area which you designate. All of the digital and VoIP telephone users will be fully trained, and we issue phone system training notes and phone manuals as required. An admin person will be given training of how to change dates, time, do move, shift, changes on Avaya from a web interface on one PC.

Step 4 - Swapping Over to the Avaya IP500 system

We usually swap to your new IP500 phone system out of office hours, during the course of an evening or weekend. All crucial aspects of the system will be operational and tested before we leave site. It is easy. To install Avaya Phone systems, quite easy. Avaya Hosted and Voice systems are the best, complex and most advanced phone systems in the world, therefore they require an extraordinary amount of dedication and carefulness to install. And that can only be managed by trained experts. We are those. The trained experts. We can guarrantee that the Hosted and VOIP systems installed by us are going to look and feel professional, and the years of experience our engineers have in installing Hosted and VOIP telephone systems will show into practise, and you'll realize yourself that a complex task such as installing the Avaya Phone systems can only be managed by a team of experts such as the team we have here at Cheaptest UK Telecom.

As told before, communicating is a building block of any businesses, especially for starting companies that have a probable high chance of outgrowth in the future. And the most effective means of communication is through VOIP and Hosted Telephone services, which can be provided better by none other than Avaya 500. Therefore as there is care to be taken while selecting the kind of Hosted and VOIP telephone service, you want care is also be taken while taking the decision of installing it. Get the hosted and VOIP telephone services installed a professional team such as Cheapest UK Telecom Services, and you won't regret it.

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